About Yorkshire Oak

Yorkshire Oak is a start-up business founded in a small workshop located in the beautiful hills and valleys of Yorkshire in a small town called Halifax.

We set out to design and handcraft from a range of recycled and new wood, a unique range of household accessories, decorations and gifts.

Yorkshire Oak hand selects its wood for its distinctive character and then uses it to create a unique piece. We take the up-most pride in our work and it is created with a keen eye for detail from design to completion. Every product is designed and made to be hard wearing and durable.

Our story

Where it started

Yorkshire Oak started in a small workshop at the bottom of the garden as a hobby. Soon I was creating anything from doors, furniture and everything in between including a rabbit hutch. I spent a year working on one off project’s for family and friends growing more confident in my workmanship every day.

I started to think about how I could turn this hobby into a small business. I created my first product that I intended to sell, I started with solid Oak and Beech chopping boards. Yorkshire Oak started to promote and sell these products on Etsy and quickly the products were being liked and purchased.

Today at Yorkshire Oak

Now Yorkshire Oak offers a wide range of home accessories and gifts in a range of styles. We now have our own online store and are promoting and selling our products across events in the north of England. You can find out more about what’s happening at Yorkshire Oak by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

The future of Yorkshire Oak

In the future Yorkshire Oak will be giving new life to old furniture and producing a unique range of original design furniture.

We will find new ways of re-using old furniture and to explore ways of incorporating the old with the new. Yorkshire Oak is combating the throw away culture of furniture by upcycling and re-purposing furniture people have sadly cast aside.

Our wood and its impact on the environment

Wood is a natural product and compared to most other resources we use, it is a very environmental product. Trees absorb carbon from the environment as it is growing, so wood used in furniture has a negative effect on the environment as the carbon is locked in the wood. I either source my wood locally or purchase more exotic woods from companies that source their woods from ethically managed forests.


David Brennan owner of Yorkshire OakAbout David

Hello there, I’m David. I have always enjoyed combining my creativity with the practical nature of making. I am inspired by natural things around me and by working with wood.

I started my working life as a web designer and I still do it to this day. On my road to becoming a web designer I studied various forms of design and learned key principles that can be applied to any type of design.

Over the years I have used my spare time to explore various other avenues of design, including Garden, interior, Print and product design. I have been working with wood over the past few years doing small one off projects for family and friends.

After a cold winter spell and some free time, I decided to try and take my skills that I have developed, to produce handmade items that are hard wearing and durable for a home. I really enjoy working with the natural timbers and turning them into a quality products.

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